Live the paradoxes-celebrate the equinoxes-unite equal opposites

Equiline celebrates the art of life, love and balance. It is a collection of artwork by Charles Breed - innovative designer, teacher and activist - primarily composed of plastic pieces created after he was awarded a grant from the Dow Foundation. The grant enabled him to explore plastic as a fine art medium, elevating it from utilitarian and imitative to exquisite.

The Art of Equal Opposites

Life is a balancing act. Charles Breed's art explores the constant struggle for balance in life and in love. It is a modern interpretation of yin-yang - the balance between the masculine and feminine, facts and feelings, man and nature.

One of a Kind

Charles Breed's life has been spent creating symbolic art and design, organic architectural environments, and situations to alter the normal expectations and routines of life. As a teacher, he forced his students to think in new ways. As an artist, he made new symbols for a modern age. As an innovator, he startled people into evaluating their established mindsets.